Vertical Gardenscape

I’m experimenting with designing vertical gardens. This indoor vertical garden requires no maintenance – no light or water needed. Perfect for any indoor wall. What’s not to love already?

The ingredients are 100% organic and the design is loose and earthy.. The mosses and flora once lived (i.e. the plants are not artificial’), and through a preservation process of glycerin + food coloring etc., the reindeer, pillow and Nordic mosses feel and resemble their once natural state.

This showpiece garden is 5.5 feet wide by 20 inches tall, and immediately grabs your attention. I used 1/4 inch plywood for the frame and painted Olive Sprig semi gloss around the borders. Mosses range in color from forest green, olive, river hues to Nordic yellows. The hanging green Amaranthus catches the eye with it’s finger like dangles, and it is surrounded by delicate ferns and baby’s breath.

My next version(s) will experiment with more organic materials and frame sizes / shapes. Stay tuned and in the meantime drop me some feedback!

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